The Merry Wives of Wilton now available to watch online

A video of The Merry Wives of Wilton, a play written by our late member Susan Sheridan, is now available to watch online. The play is read in Susan’s memory by her two daughters, the actresses Emily Stride and Alice Brittain.

Susan Sheridan

It is 1621, Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke, niece of Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester – the Queen’s favourite; sister of Sir Philip Sidney, reminisces about Life at Wilton House. Her secret circle of writers, the Wilton Academy, included Sir Philip Sidney, his great friend Francis Bacon, Ben Jonson, Spencer and others. The first Folio was dedicated to her sons William and Philip Herbert. This is a world of spies, intrigue, revealing dark secrets of the Virgin Queen, fascinating, poignant and humorous. While some of this play is imagined, all the characters and events are real and many years of research and serious study prompted the creation of this play written by the late Susan Sheridan, MA in Shakespeare Authorship Studies.

The video can be accessed via this link:

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