Recent Talk: Discovering Francis Bacon and The Tempest. A talk and discussion with Actor, Dancer and Singer Gary Cordice

Gary is a professional singer, actor and dancer, playing lead roles in Starlight Express, Five Guys Named Moe and The Lion King. He is an experienced teacher and director of drama, vocals and choreography, and Creative Director of 2B Scene Theatre Company. More recently he is developing his skills as a playwright and composer. Gary is actively concerned with Arts and Culture, Children, Civil Rights, Social Action and Economic Empowerment

A short time ago Gary came across the FBS website and videos and was fascinated by the spiritual/symbolic aspect of those connected with the arts in the past and present. He contacted us:  It is encouraging to find minds that are digging into the deep treasures of Sir Francis Bacon, who up until recently I had heard of but didn’t know much about! I am due to perform as Prospero this summer and wondered if there are any books, or videos that may be helpful in how I approach this role or at least get an understanding of commanding the elements, how would Prospero have practised his craft as a wizard. Gary shared with us his journey, discovering Francis Bacon and Bacon’s impact on him, he says: I believe Sir Francis Bacon is the unsung sage of Britain, who deserves to be recognised as an enlightened Master. My hope is that many more in this country and throughout the world will discover him and recognise how much he has contributed to mankind.