News update June 2018

An example of synchronicity? When I went to the SAT (Shakespeare Authorship Trust) conference last year I saw a friendly looking lady and asked if the seat next to her was free, it was and she welcomed me to sit down. As there are so few Baconians at these meetings I was really pleased to learn that she was indeed a committed Baconian. Her name is Kitter Krebs, from Denmark, a theatre producer. Kitter joined the FBS and recently sent me an English translation of an excellent book she has written concerning the Bacon- Shakespeare connection, which I do recommend. It is yet to be published. If you know of any potential publishers or would like to get in touch Kitter’s email is:


We are delighted to announce the appointment of New Zealand member Michael Taylor as the new Editor of Baconiana. Michael is the author of Master of the Rose, which he kindly made available to members. Some of you may have had the pleasure of meeting Michael when he visited London last year, and led for us a lively workshop based on Bacon’s Idols. We warmly welcome your submissions for the next issue of Baconiana; please contact us with these or with any queries at


Following his talk to the Society this month, Peter Dawkins writes:

I have written an essay on the Stratford Shakespeare Monument which includes the material I didn’t have time to include in my talk to the FBS. It can be found on the FBRT website. There are also two other new essays that FBS members might also be interested in. All three are linked to on the FBRT homepage,, as follows:-

New Essays:

The Stratford Shakespeare Monument‘ – In-depth description of the highly enigmatic, challenging and revealing monument to Shakespeare, erected c.1620 in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Advancement of Learning Secrets‘ – Description of the highly symbolic and meaningful frontispiece to the 1640 English edition of Francis Bacon’s ‘Advancement and Proficience of Learning’.

The European Myth and Mystery‘ – The myths that describe Europe’s role in the world and the mysteries associated with them that are not only connected with Francis Bacon but are extremely relevant today.


Do take a look at Simon Miles’s excellent talk about Bacon: Francis Bacon and the Phoenix and the Turtle. This was given at the last Shakespeare Authorship Trust meeting, and is now available, with the other talks, on the SAT website and on YouTube. Delivered with his signature passion and energy, our unbiased view is that Simon’s talk is by far the best.

If you have any comments or queries, or anything you’d like to share please drop us an email.