New four-part lecture series by society member Susan Roberts now available online

From Susan Roberts, Noosa Queensland, Australia.

Upon retirement, I joined U3A, the University of the Third Age, in Canberra and became involved in a Reading Shakespeare class being held in the ACT. Shakespeare was not a subject I had enjoyed at school but age gave me wisdom and I found the plays and sonnets truly inspiring.

When I moved to Queensland and discovered that there was a U3A but no Reading Shakespeare group I advertised for interested people to join.

After seven years coordinating the RSG and loving and learning a great deal about Shakespeare, I discovered (in a wonderful second-hand book shop) a book by Sir Edwin Durning – Lawrence, ‘Bacon is Shakespeare’. This book answered all the questions I’d found puzzling about William of Stratford but dismissed because so many academics had crowned him literature’s king.

The more I read about Sir Francis Bacon the more I became convinced that he was Shakespeare and I could not understand how factual evidence about this great man was being ignored by academia. It was then that I realised truth is an expensive dish when egos and huge sums of money are involved.

I have now handed my Reading Shakespeare group over to a U3A member (Stratfordian) who, although we are still friends, thinks I’ve lost the plot , and will eventually return to acknowledge William Shaksper as the Bard!

The evidence for Sir Francis Bacon being Shakespeare is overwhelming. However, Stratfordians are incensed that authorship is questioned. Also, Edward de Vere is being heavily promoted, with little evidence.

The 2hr presentation which I gave at U3A, Noosa, on Sir Francis Bacon being Shakespeare was well

received and is now available on Google, as a 4-part series with illustrations, see below.

2016 is the year tourists will be visiting Stratford- upon- Avon to pay their respects to the greatest writer of the English language. Yet, as we Baconians know, William of Stratford could barely sign

his name.

Susan’s presentation can be found in four parts on YouTube by following this link:

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