Recent Talk: The Gemini Shakespeare Monument by Peter Dawkins, Founder the Francis Bacon Research Trust

The famous Shakespeare Monument erected c.1620 in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, which was mentioned in the 1623 Shakespeare Folio, is full of challenges, enigmas and symbolism. It does in fact declare that there were two ‘Shakespeares’, the immortal author and the mortal actor, tied together in a working as well as symbolic partnership. The monument is blatantly a Gemini monument, and its inscription both clearly and subtly Hermetic, Freemasonic and Rosicrucian.

The Gemini myth is key to understanding the Shakespeare works and their authorship, as also Francis Bacon’s Great Instauration. Both the poetic and philosophical works are Hermetic in design and based upon fundamental biblical principles and divine law.

Whereas the idea of Gemini and Hermetic twinship is portrayed in the two 18th century twin Shakespeare Memorials at Westminster Abbey and Wilton House, the original 17th century Shakespeare Monument shows this secret all in one. These three famous memorial monuments act like a ‘Holy Trinity’ and provide doorways to great secrets and wisdom.