Latest Society talk: Poussin’s Arcadian Vision

A video of author Guy Patton’s talk at the latest Society meeting in November 2017 is now online.

Poussin’s Arcadian Vision: The search for the Golden Age

Following the discovery of a unique geometry at the heart of the sub-structure of his masterpiece Les Bergers d’Arcadie, research revealed that the 17th century French artist, Nicolas Poussin, was closely affiliated to a European wide network of enlightened intellectuals of which the English statesman, Sir Francis Bacon was a major figure. Bacon is considered to have had a significant influence on the development of what can be termed Rosicrucian philosophy, shared by many of his intellectual peers. Despite some variation in approach and belief, they shared in a noble, but at that time heretical, quest typified by Bacon’s utopian vision presented in his book, New Atlantis.

This was nothing less than the restoration of the mythical Golden Age through scientific discovery, personal spiritual enlightenment and social reform. Detailed research suggests that Poussin, well known to these intellectual circles, shared this vision and attempted to provide visual support and a means of covert, sophisticated communication through his art.